How to market a product:

Product marketing deals with 7 elements: product, pricing, place, promotion, packaging, positioning, people.

Unlike the product management, product marketing deals with old sense of marketing, for example: product management deals with details developed within the company while dealing with product marketing marketing to customers, as it differs from marketing the product as a function within the company about other marketing functions for example for marketing communications, marketing, advertising, public relations, marketing strategy, other.

Product market:

Hoanserisharalih when you ask any new product. And people who are trying to make your product attractive to them representing the consumer market. For example: If you are asking a new intelligence game system the consumer market would probably be the adult game market (depending on the game type). Then we look for the market to reach the best way lasadarallabh. The purpose is to target the market.

Select product market focuses on a limited statement, it focuses on the type of product, customer needs, customer quality, geographical region.

Contents of:

1 product marketing

2 marketing the product in Exchange for product management

3 qualifications

4 species

1 the product marketing function):

The marketing of any product dealt with four important questions:

What products will be presented? -Who are the target customers? -How will you get products to these clients? -How much is the price at which products should be displayed?

2) marketing the product in Exchange for product management:

Product management marketing differs in high tech companies.

The production manager to take product requirements from sales and marketing personnel and product requirements document prepared engineering team will use later to create the product, the product marketing manager might be involved in the task of preparing a market requirements document which is used as a source for product management to develop product requirements document.

In other companies the product manager manages the preparation of both product market requirements documents, while the Director of product marketing-oriented tasks like providing product presentations at trade shows and setting up marketing support such as: list, charts, reference cards, data sheets, technical documents.

This requires that the product marketing manager has great skills in the analysis of competitors, market research, technical writing, analyses of return on investment, plans can change the decision criteria for customers to buy a product company.

There is a problem facing distributors ' products is that most of them churning out content for different ingredients which give a value greater than the actual research and thinking behind this content.

Emerging tech companies may become product marketing and product management functions is important and may have one individual functions.

However, with the growth of the company and its development must focus on the person setting and requirements within the product management classifies and someone else on how to analyze the market and understand market trends and categorized within the field of marketing the product.

3) qualifications:

Educational qualifications of this business is to obtain high degree related to marketing or business, for example: Bachelor of business administration, master of business administration, master in marketing, master in industrial and organizational psychology along with adequate practical experience in this field besides if his ttalf background in engineering.

4) Types

-The marketing value.

-Marketing for shoppers.

-Product management.