Is a set of processes or activities that work to discover customer preferences and develop a range of products or services they need and check for profit in a short period, and marketing can be defined as salesmanship, but sales are part of the marketing process.

In terms of society, marketing is the link between the material needs of the community and respond to economic patterns by connecting the value of a product or service to the customer, and marketing can be considered a job action to an institution and a set of methods that create and deliver value to customers and dealing with them in a way that benefits companies.

Either marketing as a science: fhoamlet select target market through market segmentation analysis and understanding of customer trends and what they need and provide high value to them.

There are five concepts that businesses can track one of them when they are marketing atmadha:

The concept of production, product concept, and the concept of sale and marketing concept, holistic marketing concept.

And overall marketing alone arbahanaserhm: relationship marketing, internal marketing, integrated marketing, marketing in response to social demand.

The successful marketing elements include: a clear idea about marketing, communicate with customers, build strong brands, shaping and creating long-term growth, develop value, appropriate marketing plans.

Marketing via social networks

Is a type of electronic marketing, the aim is to earn a greater number of alzwarlmokak or find customers for your service aumentgatk by attracting their attention through social networking sites. This kind of marketing effort focuses on creating content attracts readers and encourage them to share on social networks to reach clients in an easy way without having to refresh or publish content continuously or Tarifa.

Social networking sites: allows individuals to interact and build social relationships online, and the large presence of people on social networking sites easily that promote products and also ensures your access to a large number of followers. There is a very important feature to make social networking sites of the most effective marketing mediums, and is the property of a "share" of publications by the marketer.

This command allows to spread the message that wants marketer delivery dramatically and large scale in a short time. And many networking sites include information about products or services that customers may wish to consider giving the possibility to analyze the market easily and reach the customer's wishes and targeting through product being marketed.

Twitter : allows companies to advertise their products on an individual level so you can explain the workings of a product or method used, are easy on the audience reading, marketer also use links or videos to promote his product via Twitter.

Facebook : Facebook pages is much more elaborate than others, since it allows you to publish any information about your products in addition to the videos or photos without limits. It also displays the publication immediately after publication in the home for a number of fans, making it a favorite of many network marketers.

Google plus : Although Google plus a number of existing features on Facebook, but is marketing page could be merged with a number of Google services like Google AdWords, Google maps and YouTube gives more prevalent violin and contributes to more access to information about products.

YouTube : YouTube gets a billion visitors per month at an hour watching one per month from all over the world, and is raising 100 hours of video every minute and might be stronger if marketing network marketer using video to promote his product through this network can reach millions of people around the world.